JBD Fine-Art Reproduction Scans

Direct scanning of paintings, illustrations, documents, tapestries without copy transparency or slide.

Don’t shoot another copy transparency or slide! JBD provides direct digital capture of paintings, illustrations, documents, tapestries, and even three-dimensional articles without the use of photographic copy transparencies or slides.

Images need be handled and scanned only once, creating a digital “master” file, archiving the artist’s portfolio. Perfect for demanding giclée or digital photographic printmaking, the same file may later be “re-purposed” for offset or digital printing/publication, web presentation, digital file submission (jurying) and other creative applications.

Art Repro Scan Service Features:
• High-Resolution, Direct Capture, Tri-Linear Scanner-Camera (8,192 pixels x 12,000 pixels)
• Full size, un-interpolated reproduction from 27” x 40” (printed @300dpi) to 40” x 60” (printed @200dpi)
• Scanning of irregular thickness, delicate, inflexible or oversized reflective originals
• Variable lighting enhancements capture surface detail and texture
• Minimal handling of original art (scan once then archive for additional use)
• Improved sharpness, detail and color fidelity over traditional film/scanning processes
• Individual Scan Set-Up and Evaluations
• Individual Contrast and Color Adjustment
• One craftsman responsible for all scans, evaluations, set-ups and adjustments...Never an apprentice!
• 16bit scans saved as 16 or 8 bit RGB, Lab, Grayscale or CMYK (CMYK add 25%)
• Files saved to CD/DVD
• Assistance with file preparation for digital submission
• Custom Giclée printmaking and proofing more
• Artists are invited to observe and participate in the scanning processdrumscan.htmlartreproscans_files/jbdrates.pdfartreproscans_files/orderform-1.pdfmailto:james@jamesbeckdigital.com?subject=JBD%20art%20repro%20scanshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3
sample of art reproduction scan sample of art reproduction scan sample of art reproduction scan
Gene Youngmann
Mike Cardwell
David Wicks
Tanis Bula